For many of us, 2020 signified a huge change in the way we do business, with more people than ever embracing working from home.

But as time goes on, the novelty of filing reports in pyjamas wears off and is replaced by annoyances over stilted virtual meetings and pining for social interaction with colleagues.

It begs the question: how many of us would truly benefit from working from home permanently?

Working from Home: The Pros

A better work-life balance. How many times have you wished you could fast-forward through the long commute and get home to your sofa and a boxset, or make it back for baby’s bath time?

When you work from home, your commute is non-existent, shaving hours off your working day and sometimes saving thousands of pounds.

From fitting in the occasional chore to clocking off in time for dinner with your family, working from home gives you more flexibility.

You could be more productive. In an office environment, the day is peppered with distractions.

From being roped into a last-minute meeting to getting cornered for a water-cooler chat, there are many reasons you may find it hard to concentrate. W

hen weighing up working from home vs. the office, you may find you have more time to get your head down and concentrate on the task at hand when you’re at home.

Technology is better than ever. Thanks to the internet and services such as Zoom and Teams, it’s easier than ever to keep in contact with colleagues and clients.

Whether it’s important meetings, quick catch-ups or virtual Friday drinks – recreate some of the social interaction you’d enjoy in an office in the comfort of your living room.

Companies may save money. Employers may be tempted to move to working from home permanently when they consider the cost of renting and running an office.

However, there are more solutions than ever when it comes to renting office space.

Sub800 is the world’s first virtual property company, simplifying the process of finding flexible office space in London.

From searching to viewing, signing and moving in, everything is handled through an integrated platform – cutting unnecessary hassle and expense.

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Working from Home: The Cons

A lack of social interaction. A big part of office life is the interaction you have with colleagues.

Working from home permanently can leave many people feeling isolated or out of the loop.

Those who live alone in particular could benefit greatly from working in an office environment, with many workers finding that positive relationships with colleagues can hugely boost their mental health.

Communication can get complicated. From accidentally hitting the mute button to talking over one another and cutting out completely – virtual meetings can be frustrating.

When meeting in person, it’s much easier to read other people’s body language and there’s less likelihood of crossed wires.

Many find that ideas flow more freely in person and that it’s easier to strike up a rapport with new colleagues and clients.

Technology can fail. Many of us would feel lost without the internet – particularly when it comes to our jobs.

If your connection cuts out or a program isn’t installing properly, you have no IT department to call on when working from home.

In the office, it’s much easier to get tech problems sorted quickly – and face-to-face time means you’ll be less reliant on computers anyway.

You may need to work harder to prove yourself. In the office, it’s easy to keep an eye on what everyone’s working on – but at home, your boss may be unsure where your projects are at.

You might take a few hours to respond to an email because you’re busy on an important call, but colleagues may get frustrated picturing you in front of Netflix with a cup of tea.

It can also be harder to get the recognition you deserve if colleagues can’t put a face to those incredible results you’re delivering.

Motivation can be hard to find. Just as the office has distractions, your home can be a minefield when it comes to staying on task.

When the dishwasher needs emptying, the dog needs feeding and the kids are clamouring for attention, it can be tempting to push work aside in the knowledge that no one can see what you’re doing.

Working from home permanently
There can be many distractions when working from home

There’s no escape from work. When working from home permanently, many people find their work life starts bleeding into their personal time.

Answering ‘just one more email’ can lead to a slippery slope of staying late every night and checking in on work at weekends.

You might also find that your cosy living room no longer seems as relaxing when the desk in the corner is a constant reminder of work.

Tips for Working from Home

Stick to a routine. While it can be tempting to roll out of bed and straight to your desk, it won’t get you into the right mindset for work.

Make time to shower and get dressed in a work-appropriate outfit.

You’ll find you’re a lot more motivated in the mornings and colleagues will appreciate your professionalism.

Communicate, communicate, communicate. When working from home, the onus is on you to communicate effectively.

Dial into every relevant meeting, set up time to chat with colleagues and proactively reach out to your boss to let them know what you’re working on.

Minimise distractions. Ideally, you’ll want to set up a space in your home that is just for work.

Even if you don’t have a dedicated office room, keep your desk in a corner away from distractions and let family and housemates know you’re not to be disturbed during working hours.

It will also make it easier to switch off when you log off at the end of the day.

Working from Home vs. the Office – A Summary

While working from home has its benefits, it can also highlight the things you miss when you’re not in an office.

From communication with colleagues to having a healthy routine, there is much to be said for working in an office.

To get the best of both worlds, workers may want to negotiate a more flexible contract that combines working from home with days in the office.

It will feel like a breath of fresh air after working from home and can be the perfect time to catch up with colleagues – whether during a big meeting or over a few after-work drinks.

If you’re ready to get your team back into an office, get in touch with Sub800 today.

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