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Ready-to-use offices
sub800 simplifies the process of finding and customizing the perfect private workspace experience for businesses. From search to move-in and service inclusions, we revolutionize the way you find and operate in your ideal workspace. With our fully serviced and personalized office solutions across London, we make sure you have a private and comfortable workspace that meets your requirements.
We’ve Got You Covered
What You’ll Do
  • Work with our expert team to find your perfect workspace
  • Sign sub800 agreements virtually
  • Select your bespoke fit out options
  • Select any add-on services that meet your preferences
What We’ll Do
  • Coordinate fibre connectivity and site surveys, sign supplier agreements and ensure proper execution
  • Design and instruct fit-out and build-out of space
  • Source furniture and coordinate deliveries-
  • Furnish the space with furniture and decor
  • Stock kitchens and toilets with necessary supplies
  • Install WIFI access points and cabling for internet connectivity
  • Book 2 weeks off to recover from the chaos