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What does sub800 do?

At sub800, we're here to make your office feel like a true home for your business. We provide curated, bespoke workspaces and offer you the opportunity to transform your office into a home away from home that truly represents your business. Our services include finding the perfect office space, bespoke office fitouts, a range of weekly services, and simple payments, all designed to create offices that work for you.


What's different about sub800?

sub800 is wholly London-based and is the first marketplace to offer affordable flexible leases, all inclusive rentals, simple legals and property management for multiple landlords across its platform.

  • Our wide ranging portfolio offers customers a wide ranging selection of opportunities and great prices and on simple terms.
  • On top of this, our experienced concierges support businesses with their office needs.


What's included?

A typical sub800 office will include an unfurnished space that you can fit out and make your own. The rent includes your service charge.

  1. Service charge – this covers maintenance, an allocated site manager, security and cleaning of common parts.
  2. Insurance – this covers the proportion of building insurance you pay.


What isn’t included?
  1. Business Rates – these are paid directly to the local authority. We give guide prices based on information accessible to us, but always encourage you to contact the relevant local authority for an exact figure or to check if your business is exempt.
  2. Utilities – your utilities are based on consumption, so instead of charging you an over inflated flat fee, we allow you the flexibility to shop around for the best market rate.


What's in my space when I move in?

Your unit should be clean, decorated and in good condition – ready for you to brand and fit out as you wish. You will need to take over any gas, electricity or telephone services, which your centre manager will help with.


When can I move in?

As soon as you’ve paid your deposit, one month's rent.


Do I pay a deposit?

We take a 2 month's deposit in most situations.


Do I need a lawyer?

Our leases are written in plain English and based on the standard Law Society lease, so you may choose not to employ a solicitor. We are of course happy to go through the terms with you and ensure you have a working environment that meets your specific needs.


How do I pay?

Payment is monthly by direct debit.


How long will my lease be?

Most customers will go for a 1,2 or 3-year lease.


Are we a landlord?

No. We represent London’s biggest private landlords and offer the most wide ranging selection of small office space in London.


What sets sub800 apart?

sub800 has an extensive selection of prime London properties tailored to meet the specific requirements of thriving tenants. Our rates are cost-effective in comparison to serviced offices, all while providing an enhanced onboarding experience and specialised designs, distinguishing us from traditional core and shell spaces.


Do I have a lease or licence agreement?

You will have a lease directly with the property landlord, meaning that you have more security in your tenure. In addition to this, you will have a simple agreement with sub800 detailing the ancillary services that we provide for you to make your business home special.