We’re now nearly 4 weeks into the lockdown imposed by the UK government last month – and it’s just been extended for a further 3 weeks at least. It’s fair to say we live in unprecedented times! The restrictions on movement introduced to “flatten the curve” of the coronavirus pandemic have made instant and dramatic changes to our way of life – not just here in the UK of course, but across much of the world.

As business owners and citizens, how should we respond to these changes? Observing the daily numbers of coronavirus deaths grinds us down. Contemplating the inevitable repercussions of effectively switching off the global economy for an as yet unspecified time can also cause stress. In all honestly, for the sake of our mental health, it’s wise to limit the amount of time spent thinking about these subjects. As individuals there is nothing we can do about either. Observing the rules and keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe should be our priority. Collectively then, we can help keep fatalities as low as possible and prevent the NHS becoming overrun. By complying, we will shorten the length of this lockdown, hopefully mitigating the economic damage as much as possible.

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